Curriculum Vitae




Prof. Dr. Werner Kreutz

Ordinarius of Biophysics and Radiation Biology, emeritus status


1958                    PhD at Univ. Graz, Inst. for Physical Chemistry (Prof. Dr. O. Kratky)

                              Research field: "Small angle x-ray scattering of proteins in solution"

1958-63               Postdoc position at the Univ. of Cologne. Research field:  "Small angle x-ray scattering 

                            studies on the photosynthetic membrane"

1964-69               Continued at the technical Univ. of Berlin

1969                     „Habilitation" in Biophysical Chemistry, Technical Univ. Berlin at the Inst. of Physical Chemistry (Prof. Dr. H.T. Witt)

1969                    C3 Professor at the Technical Univ. of Berlin

1971                    Full Professor (Chair) at Univ. Freiburg, Germany, Faculty of Medicine, Director of Institute for Biophysics and Radiation Biology

1973-75               Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Freiburg

1975-78               Vice-president of the German Society for Biophysics

1979-80               President of the German Society for Biophysics

1982-84               Vice-president of the European Society for Biophysics

1990-99               Member of the board of Univ. Freiburg

1999                     Emeritus status.

                            After my retirement the Inst. of Biophysics and Radiation Biology was converted into "Centre for Neuroscience"


Research fields of the Institute 1971-1999:

-             Cancer Research

-                  X-ray diffraction on protein-crystals and biomembranes

-                  Kinetic infrared spectroscopy, a new introduced analytical method

-                  Kinetic light-scattering, a new introduced analytical method

-                  Radiation biology research groups originally established in the foregoing Radiology Institute, founded

               by a co-worker of Roentgen as the first institute of this type

-             Guest group: Malaria-Research

-             Unit for electron microscopy and atomic force scanning

-             Technical innovations:

              · Construction of a Rotating Anode x-ray Generator

              · Construction of a linear high-pressure gas-detector for x-rays

              · Construction of a Imaging Plate detector for x-ray diffraction

-             Brain Research Group associated to the Institute


Scientific publications

The results of the research work (with my participation) were published in 137 scientific papers up to 2002. (see "Publications").

3 philosophic contributions to "Physics and Life" ("Universitätsblätter", 2 printed planar lectures in "Herrenalp Academy" and "Philips Contest")



During my period of office 4 chairs and 3 professorships at German universities were filled by co-workers of the institute:

Univ. of Berlin (Charité), Chair of Biophysics

Univ. of Konstanz, Chair of Biophysics

Univ. of Frankfurt, Chair of Biophysics

Univ. of Essen, Chair of Radiology

Univ. of Duesseldorf, Research Group for Malaria

Univ. of Freiburg, Biophysics Research Group, Inst. for Molecular Medicine and Cellresearch


Continuation of the Cancer Project

1999-2002          The cancer research project continued to complete experiments, including

                           the extensive series of animal tests.


2002-2009         The cancer research project entered the clinical study phase.


2009                   A new cancer therapy could be established, which enables a very specific and targeted

                           attack on cancer cells without causing the side effects on healthy tissue, based on 

                           synergistically acting combinations of salicylic acid derivatives. 







Contact:              Izumi Kamijo

                            Project Manager






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